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Mantra Luxury Collection
  • The World is your Playground
  • The World a human destination known as our Playground and India Land of Maharajas & Maharani is one of its great discovery.

    From a decade, people travelled in search of new lands to conquer, to set up new trade routes, to prove to a disbelieving world that planet was not flat to travel, or to settle in a new land.

    Times have changed. World travelers now travel largely for pleasure &moments, and it is our great privilege to be a forerunner in this travel industry.

    Little did by Shri Satish Wadhwa imagine, when he set up his travel firm selling day trips to Tajmahal in 1991, that his enterprise would grow within India & sub-continents. His great site of passion for creating the most authentic travel experience for traveler’s, his dedication to comfort of every traveler these traits sent hundreds on holiday of their dreams destinations. Everything about a LM is premium, in the truest sense of delivering India and its sub-continent.

    First class seats in finest airlines with most exquisite luxurious hotels in every city. Sightseeing experiences with private Mughal & Rajput Family guides that allow you to participate deeply in history, culture and traditions.

    You will discover that LM arranges your trip with astonishing attention to your particular taste. It is, after all, your holiday. Your escape from the old world to one equally familiar, yet only dreamt of until now.
  • The Heart of our Business Reliability, Authenticity & Passion
  • A hundred years of taking people to discover the most magical places in and around India. Time enough to understand what makes a holiday just a perfect destination with a life time of unforgettable experience & memories forever.

    LM believes in and dedicates itself to its three core values Responsibility, Authenticity & Passion. These come closest to defining what our custom can expect from us.

    The region’s most celebrated eateries, from roadside market stalls to Kebab Factory -rated restaurants. Preferential treatment at high–end establishments. The best seats at Auditorium’s, theatres. A personal shopper to show you around and a remarkably deep insight into every place you visit.

    Our values are perhaps what have helped us create holiday experiences that transcend cultures and language to be cherished in the mind for years and we trust will continue to do so for the next decades.
  • A Holiday so perfect, only you could have designed it.
  • India with its sub continents is constantly evolving more hidden destinations are being discovered and unexplored routes are being explored. Similarly, today’s traveler is also evolving.

    While some prefer the tried and tested, others deliberately walk the off roads. Some families love the comfort of a typical vacation, while others prefer to strap on a harness or life jacket to push their energy levels.

    LM understands this and that is why we offer different types of holiday, every holiday is designed in pure luxury setting’s , from class of travel to hotel accommodation to activities you plan to do with great sights you plan to see , all you do is, provide us your preferences and we will recommend what suits you highly best.

    After all you designed it, least we can do is make it unforgettable experience.
  • Sheer Passion

    The dizzying colors, history and culture of India’s renowned Golden Triangle await you on this introductory journey. Experience the highlights of this intoxicating land and experience India’s celebrated diversity. Be amazed at the grand monuments in lively New Delhi and the vibrant Old Delhi market streets. The TajMahal takes your breath away as it basks in the soft, sunlit dawn. Discover the vivacious colors of Rajasthan in Jaipur.

    Arrive at each destination with your personal guide and driver. Spend an afternoon with a chef cooking Indian cuisine, travel by horse drawn carriage to the TajMahal monument, dine at some of India's finest venue's, meet with a gem therapist and more experiences await on this journey.
  • Love & Beast

    This innovative program is arguably the most exciting and comprehensive wildlife journey that can be enjoyed in India, whilst staying in comfortable safari tents and lodges. With its incredibly diverse climate, terrain and vegetation, the sub-continent is home to a hugely varied and exclusive selection of wildlife, bird-life and flora and fauna.Travelling by road and train, the ever-changing scenery and vegetation will slowly unfold as you move from park to park on this enticing jungle odyssey.
  • Heart & Soul

    Let your senses be tantalized and your spirit lifted as you embrace the colorful mosaic of cultures and religions that India embodies in heritage, history and culture, this is a popular tour to step back in time and adventure through the historical heart of India. Here your journey will zigzag across a vast region which has witnessed all the major influences that have borne fruit in India’s diverse culture possessing great unspoiled tracts. Yet for all that, it remains off the beaten track. All the more reason we think you’ll agree to explore it.
  • Exotic Marigold

    Live out your own adventure with our Exotic Marigold tour. We have chosen some of the best parts of India and rolled them together to show you all that India has to offer and more. Rajasthan with its inexhaustible historical wealth and architecture is an unparalleled destination. It showcases the spectacular fortress city of Jodhpur at the edge of the Thar Desert. Take a journey to one of the most romantic cities in India, Udaipur and fall in love with its majesty.
  • Southern Delights

    This tour takes you deep into a region completely different from the Mughal north: a tropical land of temples and villages where traditional folkways remain intact. Begin in Mumbai, travel through the lush backwaters of Kerala and across to the stately garden city of Bengaluru. Along the way, an incredible array of experiences await you, from the night you’ll spend aboard a houseboat, the private eco-tour and visit a bird sanctuary in the backwaters, and the explorations of a beautiful small island spice plantation with the family owners. Discover a little-visited corner of India with a color and charm that feels like another world
  • Romance Unlimited

    With its colors and traditions, make this love tour to remember! Spoil yourselves with massage treatments, candlelit dinners and wonderful food. Travel like Royalty with Elephant rides and a journey in a vintage car. Spend an afternoon being pampered for the evening ceremony, followed by a romantic dinner for two. For all romantics, see the TajMahal and stay by the romantic Lake Pichola. Yoga, massages and gentle strolls through the streets of India, will revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Young at Heart

    India, a land of mystery, romance, adventure, culture, and history - it almost has too much to see and do! For the more adventurous traveler, we've designed an itinerary to truly immerse you into the Indian Culture and show you the more experiential and adventurous things to do! Whether you are young in age, or young at heart, you'll find this itinerary exhilarating, immersive, and fun!
  • Mind Body & Soul

    Nothing in the world should be more important than looking after yourself. Your health, physical and emotional. We know you give one hundred percent to your work, your friends and family. Which is why our Mind Body and Soul holidays are our way of ensuring that you give one hundred percent to yourself. Our way of restoring all that your daily life has been sapping away from you.Whether you’re looking for healing, destressing or detoxification, our collection of holistic holidays focus on your spiritual, mental and physical harmony. The finest spa retreats, non-clinical rituals and therapies help relax and rejuvenate your entire being.

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